Holistically Preparing for Baby

Taking Small Steps NOW to Have a Multi-Generational Impact

Are you in a position in your life where you're saying, "I'm ready to have a baby!" You feel it deep in your heart that you want to have a child and raise a wonderful addition to not only your family, but to the world. You've begun planning...setting aside money, stopped taking birth control, and thinking you should probably eat better. Even while you're happy seeing what's happening with your friends and family, you're hiding your own sadness and frustration. You feel like the time will come for you, and you really want to do what you can to get this baby. You're just NOT SURE WHAT to do.

You Saw to Do This, Do That, Buuuutttt......

All of the blogs and sites you come across say to do this and do that. You may have done it or became so overwhelmed by the information and direction to take that you didn't a thing! You know you need something that is more IN TUNE WITH YOU. Because you realize this is YOUR journey and your needs may be different from another woman's.

What Happens If You Continue Doing What You're Doing?

You'll keep blog-hoppin', Google searchin' and ultimately just give up from all of the information. You'll realize what you've been doing may not really be what you need, because your cycle may not still be a healthy cycle conducive to pregnancy. You're going to keep hearing and listening to others telling you what they did or what could work, but really you know you need to know what to do based on YOUR body. You may even continue to feel like you're not being listened to by any of the providers you're seeing for help, thus still feeling unsupported and out in the open.

Not Sure What to Do, But You Do Want to Be Prepared

There is something that may be off. You're not quite sure what it is (and that's ok!), but what you do know is that you want to be as healthy as you can to support conception, pregnancy, birth, baby and you.

Steps You Take NOW Impact Has a Ripple Effect

You're willing to take the steps necessary to prepare for this next phase in your life, but WHAT STEPS? Each MINDFUL AND STRATEGIC step you take has a significant impact in your health (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.) An impact that transmits in your womb space and eggs. The very component and housing for your intended addition. Whatever you do BEFORE you're pregnant has an effect down the line - affecting chances of conception, pregnancy, birth and post-partum recovery.

This is the Fertility Effect

You'll learn what you need to do to prepare for this pivotal time in your life, according to YOU.

Your Journey in The Fertility Effect

Here's What You Can Expect As You Experience Taking Inspired Action Steps That Have a Holistic Ripple Effect In Preparing You In Your Fertility Journey

  • Clarity

    Not all Fertility Journeys are the same. You'll become clear on what YOU need to support a fertile environment.

  • Empowered

    You'll feel more in control of your Fertility Health and encouraged to make more informed decisions.

  • Uplifted

    You'll be uplifted and supported as you are going through this experience, so that you are in a non-judgmental space of positivity.

Experience The Fertility Effect Today

Are you ready to begin giving yourself what you need to increase your fertility?

Yes, I'm ready!

Your Experience

Here's What You'll Learn To Create the Fertile Environment You Desire

  • Your Life Experience

    Review the effects of life experiences and tools you can use to shift the effect they have had on you.

  • It's All In the Environment

    Learn what makes up a healthy environment conducive to fertility

  • Your Fertility Style

    Uncover your Fertility Style, the strengths of your style, areas to watch that affect your fertility and how to supplement your Fertility Style to increase your fertility.

  • Healthy Cycle, Healthy Fertility

    Healthy Cycle = Healthy Fertility. Learn what a healthy cycle looks like so you can identify the areas you may need support in your cycle.

  • Gut-Fertility Connection

    Review the role the digestive system plays on your fertility and how to optimize it to prepare for conception & pregnancy

  • It Takes Two!

    Explore the effects of the relationship with the partner and the effects on ovulation

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Learn what your sleeping pattern may reveal about your fertility and how to change it

  • I'll Drink to That!

    Just how does what you're drinking (and not drinking!) affects your fertility? Learn which beverages are beneficial in creating your fertile environment

  • You've Got to Move It, Move It

    Not all exercises are the same and there are some that support your Fertility Style more than others; also, learn when to do it

  • What's This Herb For?

    Learn about the various forms and types of common herbs, including safe practices to support fertility.

Enrollment Options

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Her Experience

What An Honor Partnering with These Ladies

P. Bartholomew

Better Digestion AND a Baby!

P. Bartholomew

Our spirits connected well as Dr. D helped me to be able to stop taking medication for my heartburn and manage it naturally, better my diet and activity, as well as increase my self awareness about my health to achieve my BFP (big fat positive!) with PCOS.
K. Becker

From Months Without a Period to Pregnant!

K. Becker

I came to De’Nicea for help with pcos and regulating my cycles in an effort to improve fertility. De’Nicea is amazing at listening (I always left in a better headspace than before I had arrived) and respecting your own thoughts and research, but then respectfully walking you through certain issues based on her education & experience. You can do the work (with lifestyle & nutrition), but also need to trust the process. I was told it would take a minimum of 3 months to take effect in my health...and needless to say she was absolutely right. those months included weekly acupuncture appointments, supplements and herbs, BBT (fertility) tracking, food journaling and adjustments based on nutrient panel testing, along with some exercise and mental shifts as recommended by De’Nicea. We’re 10 weeks pregnant! I hope to take the same mindset in to pregnancy...that I need to trust the process more and if we take care of our bodies as best as we can, we are capable of difficult things.

Learned About Cycle for Better Fertility


I came to Dr. D for help with fertility after being referred by a few moms in a Facebook group. Not only did I learn more about my cycle, get a healthier cycle (my cycles are a true 28 days!), but I got pregnant!

How You'll Be Supported

Here's How You'll Begin Taking Inspired Action Steps In Creating Your Fertile Environment

  • Access to lessons so you are clear about which steps to take, why each step is important and how you can easily implement changes to support your fertility

  • Access to bi-weekly Fertility Effect calls so you can ask questions and get support in taking your steps in the program

  • Safe, non-judgmental space where you can be yourself and know you'll be uplifted and encouraged along the way

Extra Goodies!

Bonuses to Give Your Fertility Journey a Power Boost

  • Bonus #1: Creating My Baby Toolbox

    Get a list of the best tools I've found to be the most beneficial, impactful and time-saving in reeeeally moving women to be more prepared for pregnancy.

  • Bonus #2: Labs & Assessments Review

    OMG, there are so many labs & assessments! Often times, done TO you and you have NO idea what they are or what they mean. Get a review of commonly used labs & assessments so you know which might benefit you in your journey.

  • Bonus #3: How to Work With Reproductive Technology

    Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) - think IUI, IVF, etc. - can be very useful for some couples. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it is "replacing" you. They are tools and they need a proper environment to be most effective. Equip yourself with how to save time and money by working WITH the technology to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy, mom and baby.


What's It Like Partnering With De'Nicea

R. Crissman

Post-Partum Support to Fertility to Baby

R. Crissman

I went to Dr. D for post-partum hives and generally wanting to get pregnant again. Working with her helped me feel empowered and it was also a time for me to destress and work through a lot of fears I didn’t realize I had.
K. Durand

PCOS Couldn't Stop This Baby

K. Durand

Dr. D’s patience, knowledge and genuine care for ME as a patient made me no longer feel defeated by PCOS...instead I feel empowered. Her encouragement and custom herb blend did everything right for my body, eventually creating a perfect balance of my once imbalanced hormones which led to a positive pregnancy test.
J. Smith

Didn't Need Fertility Drugs

J. Smith

I decided to work with Dr. D because I wanted to avoid using birth control as a Western treatment for irregular cycles related to PCOS. After several years of being led to believe I need infertility medication to conceive a baby...I unexpectedly conceived my daughter naturally. Being treated with Dr. D actually altered my mindset on how to be aware of my body’s signs.


Answers to common questions about The Fertility Effect

  • Why is The Fertility Effect 12 weeks long?

    It takes about 12 weeks (or 3 months) for an egg to mature and be ready for ovulation. With this type of timeline, in The Fertility Effect, you'll be consistently making small changes that will have an impact beginning with the egg that is to be released THREE months from now.

  • How long do I have access to complete The Fertility Effect program?

    This program is designed to take 12 weeks for you to take consistent inspired action steps to increase your fertility. I understand life happens (and we talk about this!) so you will have an additional 4 weeks to complete the course. That's a total of four months for you to complete The Fertility Effect.

  • What if I can't make the live bi-weekly calls?

    No worries at all! You'll be given the opportunity to submit any questions ahead of the call for me to address. Then you will have one week to watch or listen to the call.

  • Why can't you just tell me what to do?

    I don't believe in just telling people what to do. I believe in partnership. Even through this program, we are in partnership. For your success, you are being equipped with what you need to support yourself throughout this journey AND BEYOND. You will be equipped with not only information, but an understanding of why and how things are connected. This gives you an opportunity to take an active role in your overall health & well-being. You'll be able to continue to use what you experience in The Fertility Effect in the future.

  • Should we be trying to get pregnant during the program?

    No, it is not recommended to do so. Consider this a time for you to reset, relax and recalibrate. Many are stressed out trying to make it happen when it is that very stress that can be working against you. Just because you're not having sex to conceive doesn't mean you're not doing anything. EVERY single thing you do during The Fertility Effect program is intentional and designed for you to not only increase awareness of what's affecting your fertility, but take inspired action steps that when they're all put together...create a beautiful fertile environment.

  • What happens if I get pregnant while in the program?

    First, congratulations! Getting the positive pregnancy test is just what you wanted! Second, CONTINUE to complete the Fertility Effect program as each module is not only to support conception, but to provide you with the tools to support a healthy pregnancy. No refunds will be made and any subsequent payments are expected to be completed.

  • I may need some additional personal support as I go through the program. Is that possible?

    Absolutely! There is an option to enroll in The Fertility Effect with the Personal Fertility BFF Upgrade. This means we'll get to personally chat one-to-one once a month for the 12 weeks (or 3 months) of the program. We can go over in more detail how you can implement what you're learning or even just talk through what's going on with you. It's extremely therapeutic just to have a listening ear...especially one who's Board-Certified in this to chat with.

Create Your Fertile Environment Today

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Honor to Partner With You!

Meet Your Board-Certified Period & Fertility BFF

  • DeNicea Hilton, DOM, AP, FABORM

    Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist

    DeNicea Hilton, DOM, AP, FABORM

    De’Nicea Hilton saves uteruses and makes babies as a Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM.) She is known for her multi-faceted perspective of the menstrual cycle that shatters the belief of what has been accepted as “normal” for what is healthy. From seeing patients at her Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine clinic, Holistic Reproductive Health, to her Fertility Effect program, Flow-Versations Live Experience Workshops, and the Sisters of Flow Podcast, De’Nicea inspires women seeking holistic methods to support their quest not only for period relief or positive pregnancy test, but for a more aligned and empowered whole Self. While women have been searching all over for the answers to her questions about her period and fertility health, De’Nicea helps her see that the answers have been within her the whole time. She just needs to know how to access and interpret it. From this new perspective, De’Nicea leads women to shift their relationship with their cycle to one of Self-Guided Direction – detecting cues and listening to messages of what her Mind, Body and Spirit are saying she needs.