Holistically Preparing for Baby

Taking Small Steps NOW to Have a Multi-Generational Impact

Are you in a position in your life where you're saying, "I'm ready to have a baby!" You feel it deep in your heart that you want to have a child and raise a wonderful addition to not only your family, but to the world. You've begun planning...setting aside money, stopped taking birth control, and thinking you should probably eat better. Even while you're happy seeing what's happening with your friends and family, you're hiding your own sadness and frustration. You feel like the time will come for you, and you really want to do what you can to get this baby. You're just NOT SURE WHAT to do.

You Saw to Do This, Do That, Buuuutttt......

All of the blogs and sites you come across say to do this and do that. You may have done it or became so overwhelmed by the information and direction to take that you didn't a thing! You know you need something that is more IN TUNE WITH YOU. Because you realize this is YOUR journey and your needs may be different from another woman's.

What Happens If You Continue Doing What You're Doing?

You'll keep blog-hoppin', Google searchin' and ultimately just give up from all of the information. You'll realize what you've been doing may not really be what you need, because your cycle may not still be a healthy cycle conducive to pregnancy. You're going to keep hearing and listening to others telling you what they did or what could work, but really you know you need to know what to do based on YOUR body. You may even continue to feel like you're not being listened to by any of the providers you're seeing for help, thus still feeling unsupported and out in the open.

Not Sure What to Do, But You Do Want to Be Prepared

There is something that may be off. You're not quite sure what it is (and that's ok!), but what you do know is that you want to be as healthy as you can to support conception, pregnancy, birth, baby and you.

Steps You Take NOW Impact Has a Ripple Effect

You're willing to take the steps necessary to prepare for this next phase in your life, but WHAT STEPS? Each MINDFUL AND STRATEGIC step you take has a significant impact in your health (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.) An impact that transmits in your womb space and eggs. The very component and housing for your intended addition. Whatever you do BEFORE you're pregnant has an effect down the line - affecting chances of conception, pregnancy, birth and post-partum recovery.

This is the Fertility Effect

You'll learn what you need to do to prepare for this pivotal time in your life, according to YOU.