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Your Holistic Journey Into Your Menstrual Cycle

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Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You know, the thoughts you've been having or feeling you've been having...yeah, those...

  • I wish someone would just help me understand why my cycle is off like this.

  • I wish I knew what's happening during my cycle.

  • I wish I knew what else I could be doing to have a healthy cycle.

Well, Guess What...Your Wish Is My Command!

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Your Cycle: The Message Keeper

Take a holistic trip into your menstrual cycle

Most of us didn't really get a break down of our menstrual cycles, better yet what is a HEALTHY menstrual cycle. Did you know the menstrual cycle is really a messenger of what's going on with you mind, body and spirit?

Let Me Introduce You...

To Your Menstrual Cycle!

Explore the beautiful events that occur during the whole menstrual cycle letting you know what's healthily functioning (and what isn't!) When you learn what's going on and what's needed for a healthy cycle, you can consciously take inspired action steps in your lifestyle to have a healthy cycle!

Your Holistic Journey Into Your Menstrual Cycle

During our time together, you'll feel more comfortable learning about your menstrual cycle and more aware as to what you need. Here's what we'll be reviewing:

  • Holistic Charting

    This goes BEYOND noting what day your period starts and ends. Learn what you need to be charting throughout the entire cycle to get a real idea of what's going on.

  • Trend Finding

    Interpret the messages being sent to you throughout your cycle by analyzing areas of strength and areas that need some tweaking.

  • Healthy Cycling

    Learn some tools and techniques to support you in moving towards having a healthy menstrual cycle based on what you've learned about YOUR cycle.

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In only 30 days, you'll learn and be guided into what your menstrual cycle is telling you in order for you to have a healthy life and well-being!

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Is This For Me?

If you can say 'yes, I'm experiencing this," then yes, this Mentorship is for you!

  • Menstrual Cycle Condition

    If you are experiencing painful periods, heavy periods, an irregular period, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis or not even having a period, these are signs that there are some disharmonies going on throughout your cycle. By learning more about where these disharmonies on a holistic level (mind, body and spirit), you can make lifestyle adjustments to change your menstrual cycle experience to what you'd really like!

  • Fertility Challenges

    If you're planning to expand your family or been trying already to expand your family and having trouble, then this would be great for your to learn what is a healthy cycle that is conducive to fertility. By learning this, you are well on your way to setting yourself up to potentially have not only conception, but healthy pregnancy, mom and baby!

  • Menstrual Cycle Curious

    If you're thinking your cycle is normal, but then still curious about what's going on, then you'll get a kick out of learning that what you may consider "normal" may not actually be "healthy." By learning these key differences, you'll be well-equipped with tools to support you for many years to live more healthily and harmoniously!

Be Your Own Cycle Interpreter!

Join the Holistic Period Journey Mentorship Today for Only $297 and Be Who You Are Designed To Be To Have a Healthy Menstrual Cycle and Life

I'm Ready to Be Cycle Savvy!

Your Mentor

So excited to guide, support and overall love up on you during this journey into learning more about your menstrual health! It totally is a representation of your overall health and well-being, and I'd be delighted to let you in what you can be doing holistically for yourself to have a healthy cycle and more!

  • DeNicea Hilton, DOM, AP

    Period Bypassing(TM) Founder, Podcast Host, Speaker, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist

    DeNicea Hilton, DOM, AP

    Imagine a place where girls, teens and women walk around completely aware of themselves, Being Whole, and so comfortable fully expressing their Authentic Selves. They’re exuding confidence and loving who they are. And to all started with learning about their menstrual cycle. This is the flow-asis, hosted by De’Nicea Hilton, where the motto is to Educate, Embrace and Embody Holistic Menstrual Health. Through her experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, De’Nicea noticed girls, teens and women were living with unpleasant menstrual cycles, confused about themselves, unaware of their bodies and living fragmented - the effects of Period Bypassing™. However, this shifted when they learned about their menstrual cycle. Transcending Period Bypassing™, the flow-asis is filled with all sorts of opportunities to learn Holistic Menstrual Health in group mentorship or be personally guided one-to-one in syncing with and harmonizing your cycle for Menstrual Cycle Conditions and Fertility Challenges. As the host of Period Bypassing™ Podcast, guest on others’ podcasts or speaking at teen and women’s health and business events, De’Nicea teaches a multi-faceted perspective of the menstrual cycle that shatters the belief of what’s been accepted as “normal” for what is healthy. In the flow-asis, De’Nicea opens their eyes to creating a life FOR her rather than accepting things being done TO her by using the Menstrual Cycle as her guide - detecting cues and listening to messages of what her Mind, Body and Spirit are saying she needs. While women have been searching all over for the answers to her questions about her Cycle, Fertility and overall Health, De’Nicea helps her see that the answers have been within her the whole time. She just needs to know how to access and interpret it.